Kyrie: The Break-Away Readings Act II

In March 2012 The Break-Away Project performed Act Two of their Break-Away Reading Series, a staged reading of Kyrie by Reagan Chesnut.

The Play:

Dawn and Joe are trapped in their cabin in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan when a violent ice storm descends from the north. As the trees freeze and break around them, Dawn and Joe must confront their unresolved pasts and the loss of custody of their young son, Jeffy. Dawn wraps herself in the music of Faure’s Reqiem while Joe loses himself painting an old model train. When the storm hits its crescendo, the two find themselves battling the ghosts of ice and fear. Kyrie, elision – “Lord have mercy.”

Cast Included Helena Byrne, Karen Davidson Perrins, Stephen Gorman, Glen Forbes.

Production: Mark Gavin, Elga Fox, Silvia Napoleoni

The play was performed in the Centre for Creative Practices, 15 Pembroke St Lower, Dublin 2 on Saturday March 24th 2012.

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Photography by Dalkey Photos