It Came From Mars: The Break-Away Readings Act I

On February 17th 2012 The Break-Away Project performed a staged reading of It Came From Mars by Joseph Zettelmaier as Act One of their ‘Break-Away Reading Series’.

The Play:

October 30, 1938. The members of Farlowe’s Mystery Theater Hour are in rehearsal for their weekly radio show when they hear an alarming announcement come over the radio – Martians have landed! Honesty and hilarity ensue when the dramatic dramatists are faced with true drama.

Cast included John Byrne, Stephen Gorman, Graham Hogan, Silvia Napoleoni, Karen Davidson Perrins, Helena Byrne

Directed by Helena Byrne
Production Assistant: Laura Danaher
Script Supervisor: Joseph Zettelmaier
Sound Design: Mark Gavin, Helena Byrne

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Photography by Dalkey Photos