New American Musical Theatre Night with Scott Evan Davis & Joshua Dixon

The Break-Away Project’s ‘New American Musical Theatre Night’ in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre showcased compositions from some of America’s most talented young composers. We were also delighted to host one of New York’s finest up-and-coming composers Scott Evan Davis, and vocalist Joshua Dixon

Performers included Scott Evan Davis, Joshua Dixon, Simon Morgan, Helena Byrne, Anthony Kinahan, Susan Barrett, Silvia Napoleoni, Josh Johnston and Amy Patricia Ryan.

Featuring compositions by Scott Evan Davis, Gaby Alter, Creighton Irons, Rick Hip-Flores, Ryan Scott Oliver, Carmel Dean, Anna Jacobs, Peter Lerman and many more.

Watch performances:
Scott Evan Davis performs I Am
Joshua Dixon performs More Than Just Sundays
Helena Byrne and Simon Morgan perform Crashing Waves
Simon Morgan performs Washington to New York
Anthony Kinahan performs The Plane (Is Going Down)

Photography by Dalkey Photos.