Connecting Musicality

Following the great success of Connecting Creativity in 2013, we are delighted to announce the creation of ‘Connecting Musicality’.

‘Connecting Musicality’ is an exciting project allowing Irish and American singers and songwriters to collaborate through technology and present those collaborative creations to Irish and American audiences in a unique and innovative way.

10 Singers. 10 Songwriters. 2 Continents.

Five singers and five songwriters are selected in Ireland to take part in the project, while five singers and five songwriters based in America  are also chosen.

Each Irish singer is paired with an American-based songwriter, and each American-based singer is paired with an Irish songwriter. Singers have a Skype call with their writer. They can speak about everything and anything; musical styles and tastes, life stories, belief in aliens!

2 Audiences. 10 Irish-American Collaborations. 1 Trans-Atlantic Concert.

Following their Skype meeting, each songwriter writes a song for their singer which they will perform at the CONNECTING MUSICALITY CONCERT.

Irish singers perform in Dublin and American singers perform in New York. The two venues are connected via Skype so both audiences view performances from the two continents; the Dublin audience see Irish singers performing in the flesh and see the American singers performing in New York via Skype and vice versa.

Audience Members are also given the opportunity to speak with singers and songwriters about their songs and their experience of collaborating through technology across the Atlantic.

What are our goals?

As part of our mission, the Break-Away Project work toward creating links between Irish and American artists, regularly showcasing work by American artists here in Ireland and developing showcase opportunities for Irish artists in America. With this project we want to:

  • Present a unique and innovative concert experience to audiences in Dublin and New York.
  • Give singers and songwriters the opportunity to collaborate across the Atlantic and introduce new audiences to their work.
  • Test the boundaries of technology, using Skype to facilitate artistic collaborations that would otherwise not be feasible.
  • Make some great music!

Connecting Musicality 2014

The First Connecting Musicality Concert held on November 29th 2014

Our Dublin venue was CFCP, 15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin and our New York venue was Stage Left Studios, 214 West 30th Street, New York.

Who were our Participants?

Irish songwriter Rónán Ó Snodaigh was paired with American singer Angela Watson Modeste
Irish songwriter Niamh Regan was paired with American singer Joseph Mace
Irish songwriter Alan Tobin was paired with American singer Nicole Riding
Irish songwriter Shane McLaughlin was paired with American singer Joshua Dixon
Irish songwriter Helena Byrne was paired with American singer Jonathan Christopher

American-based songwriter Michael Brunnock was paired with Irish singer Evelyn Shaw
American songwriter Angela Polite was paired with Irish singer Sarah Gannon
American songwriter Xavier Curry was paired with Irish singer Colleen Savage
American songwriter Demetruis Spidle was paired with Irish singer Steve Martyn
American songwriter Jim Territo was paired with Irish singer Amanda Neri

What’s Next For Connecting Musicality?

In 2015 we plan to give more singers and songwriters the opportunity to be part of this innovative project and bring more great music to audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

Want to be involved?

Calling all Singers & Songwriters in New York & Dublin

If you are interested in taking part in Connecting Musicality 2015, email with the subject line ‘Connecting Musicality 2015′ and include your biography and links to performances/recordings.

Calling all Music Lovers

Stay tuned for the next Connecting Musicality Concert in New York & Dublin or email to place your interest.


The Break-Away Project team greatly appreciate donations large and small. These donations help us to cover the costs that will inevitably arise during each production, such as venue rental and transport. Click on the ‘Donate’ button on the right to give what you can or email for further information.