Connecting Creativity

10 Actors. 10 Writers. 2 Continents. 2 Live Audiences

What’s it all about?

As part of our mission, the Break-Away Project work toward creating links between Irish and American artists, regularly showcasing work by American artists here in Ireland and developing showcase opportunities for Irish artists in America. We are developing this project to test the boundaries of technology, using Skype to facilitate artistic collaborations that would otherwise not be feasible.

Five actors and five writers were selected in Ireland to take part in the project, while five actors and five writers based in America were also chosen.

Each Irish actor was paired with an American-based writer, and each American-based actor was paired with an Irish writer.

Actors Skyped with their writer, who then wrote a five minute monologue for the actor. This was new material written specifically for the actor, not previously composed work.

Connecting Creativity Part II

Following the success of Connecting Creativity Part I on August 16th 2013, we brought this project to a new level.

Actors performed their monologues on Saturday November 16th 2013 to two live audiences; one in Dublin and one in New York, connecting both audiences via skype.

Performance began at 3pm in New York(Stage Left Studio, 214 W 30th Street, New York)/8pm in Dublin(The Centre for Creative Practices, 15 Pembroke St Lower, Dublin).

The Cast

Irish Cast: Diana O’Connor, Evelyn Shaw, Anthony Blake, Sharon Skerritt, Melissa Nolan.

American Cast: Bridget Gabbe, Jon L. Peacock, Tyler McCauley, Andrew Mena, Ashley Downey

The Writers

Christopher A. Adams – Virginia, USA
Eilis Mernagh – Dublin, Ireland
Buffy Aakaash – Washington, USA
Sylvia Cullen – Wexford, Ireland
Cassandra Lewis – New York, USA
Derek Masterson – Dublin, Ireland
David Schwingle – South Carolina, USA
Caitriona McBride – Dublin, Ireland
Reagan Chesnut – Michigan, USA
Conor O’Loughlin – Cork, Ireland

The Directors

Helena Byrne & Karen Davidson Perrins

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